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Be Grateful

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

My husband was away on work when I woke up to in terrible pain. It is especially difficult to be in terrible pain when you're home alone. I took a bath to help calm the pain. It helped some. Later, I noticed a sea of water. Water was leaking from the bathtub plumbing. Rugs were soaked. Water was everywhere! I had to figure out what to do, and I had to get all these rugs up. I sent my son an S.O.S. since he lives nearby and called my husband. So much for the help of the bath! I could feel my body seizing up, increasing my terrible pain. My husband told me where the shutoff valve was... all I had to do was climb on the drier. What? That's practically an impossible task for me when I'm in severe pain. Then I needed to run up and down the stairs to verify that the leak had stopped. Thankfully, my son walked in, stating "don't worry, Mom, I got this. Just sit down." Then quick as a flash he was up and down. He may be the roadrunner. Beep beep! When done, he told me it was taken care of and it wasn't as bad as I thought.

Even in our pain we need to take time to look around and be grateful. I am so grateful I wasn't alone in this mess.

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