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Don't Add Worry To Your Troubles

“Life is 10 percent what happens to you and 90 percent how you respond to it.” Charles Swindoll


Are things not trouble enough in themselves without adding worry to them? I found out a few days ago that my dad was flown flight for life to a city hospital. My mom is not in good health right now. When I heard the news I felt like a freight train was coming at me. I wanted to be there to help but I’m not able to because of my own health. My younger sister and brother are there so I know they have help. Still, the worry set in. What if something happened to my dad?


My dad is amazing. Growing up I always knew he accepted me for who I was. He calls me his favorite middle girl. He spent time with me working on projects when I was young. He encouraged me to go to college and law school. He helped me move to Minnesota in his white Toyota truck. I love him so much, my heart was aching. I felt like I was a walking raw nerve, and my worry was going to make me more ill. I knew I had to change my own outcome. I had a choice about how I responded to this situation.


The facts are that my parents are both in problematic medical situations. The outcome is unknown and that is causing me worry. My inability to do anything just increases the worry. I told myself worry is not going to change the outcome. Thinking about it is not going to change the outcome. I tried to push it out of my mind. I focused instead on what was present, in front of me, my Grandkitty, Arthas, making a big run through the house, Shiloh insisting she would eat nothing but cat food, hearing about my son’s adventure. It worked, I felt the tension easing. I let the worry go. Today, a few days later I talked to both my parents and things are looking good! They aren’t out of the woods completely, yet, but at least they aren’t in the red zone. I’m glad I was able to adjust my focus and reduce my worry and was helped tremendously!

Me and my dad

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