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Don't Focus on what You Lost, Focus on what You Have

"It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got."

Sheryl Crow


I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with my hubby. We were planning a camping excursion - it was going to be my first camping attempt in years - but that got canceled when we realized camping is still too much for me. We had to stay home, but that didn't make the weekend any less awesome. In between walks with me and the dogs, my husband caught up on chores. We played our current favorite game on the Nintendo Switch, War Groove.


We had a few crazy adventures. We got lumber and fit 13 1x4s and 2 4x4s, each 8 feet long plus 4 bags of wood chips into my little VW beetle. Then the grand kitty that we're babysitting escaped once, leading us on a game of catch-me-if you-can.


We can only really be happy when we look at what we do have and not at what we don't. I might have lost a camping trip, but I gained a fun filled Memorial Day weekend at home with my doggies, my grand kitty and most of all my hubby.

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