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Harder But Better and More Amazing than You Can Imagine

I have two boys in their twenties. I have a front row seat to see that starting out as an adult in the world is a hard scary process. There are so many new mountains to climb and challenges to face, and just when it seems to be getting easier a a new challenge is thrown out. I am 52 and I'm fighting the same fight against pain that I started fighting during law school. One might ask, "does it get easier?" That's not the question to ask, though. A better question is "what is the reward?" I think one might find a little reward everyday.


We went to Zion on our latest vacation and my family did some amazing hikes. I'm sure in the beginning the climbs seemed daunting. They were climbing at higher altitude and it was difficult. As they progressed they felt fatigue, soreness and stiffness in their bodies, but they kept going. They had a vision of where they were headed, but until they had been there themselves it was hard to see. All they could do was take one step at a time, hoping for a breathtaking vista, yet they had a great time. When hiking we spend more time enjoying our companions, the adventure, the scenery and the thrill of the climb. And our target goal keeps us going - even if we don't know the what the end of the hike will yield. When focusing on those things we don't notice the blisters, sore muscles and aching backs and knees as much. We have fun despite the difficulties.


Couldn't this be applied to your life no matter your age or what you're doing? Staying mindful of our dreams and goals and tuning out the ever present background noise will help power you forward. Realizing all we've done to accomplish those goals and dreams is like stopping in the middle of a climb and looking over a beautiful vista.


So, stop along the way and notice the beautiful things around you. See your journey as an adventure and accomplish what you have to but enjoy the journey. Stop for the vistas, enjoy your company and pat yourself on the back for how far you've come when you look back. Finally, when you get to the the summit, know that you'll enjoy it, even if you can't currently anticipate it and even if it's not what you originally envisioned.

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