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How Do I Handle Suffering?

“And life taught me before helping others you’ve got to help yourself first.” - Roma Sarkar

I was recently asked by a friend how I handle the suffering I see in the world. The suffering felt by both humans and animals. I have to admit I don’t handle it very well. Sometimes I think the collective scream of the human race will break me. Often I feel I am in a lake surrounded by drowning victims that I desperately want to help. I often find, however, that it is impossible to be of any help, because I am drowning myself. It is not until I remind myself that I have to take care of myself before I can care for others that I am able to be effectual.First I have to swim to shore as best I can and provide some first aid to myself. Only then am I able to throw a rope for others.

Therefore, if you want to help others, if you want to cope with suffering in the world, I suggest that you first,look to yourself; give yourself some TLC, then you’ll be better equipped to handle the suffering.

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