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It's A New Day

We can build resiliency by changing how we process negative events. Yesterday I had several unreturned texts. All day it kept running through my mind, "I hope I didn’t say anything to hurt or offend these people." My mind woke up this morning ruminating on this more. Should I ask them, should send another text, do I text too much? Then just like that a sledgehammer came down and hit me on the head. Wham! To be resilient, when you wake up in the morning, realize you're starting a new day and let go of yesterday.

I live my life the best I can trying to spread kindness in the world, trying to harm no one and maybe help the world and spread a little joy, so if I made a mistake it wasn’t on purpose. So yesterday is gone like it never happened, all my yesterdays. What a bright new morning it was to start with a clean slate.

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Duncan Claypool
Duncan Claypool
Mar 10, 2019

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