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Let Go Of Expectation

We have expectations of how events will go. How often, when you interact with someone, do you build up an expectation of how things are going to go, what they are going to do or say? You then tell yourself, if these expectations are met the encounter will be a success. But, what happens when these expectations are not met? When things don't go as expected, it often leads to stress and sometimes disappointment. If not handled properly, this added stress can cause a significant pain flare. So let go of expectation.

By focusing on expectation we are ruining the chance of living in the moment and honoring what is in front of us. Expectations can pull you out of the moment. Let go of expectation and rest in the moment.


This weekend my son is coming home from Washington D.C.. My other son and his girlfriend will be over. I am very excited about having my entire family together. We are going to celebrate my sons birthday, make dumplings as a family and play games. I need to remember to keep my expectations in check and savor the moments. I need to remember that I will have pain while they are here. I won’t be able to do everything they are doing, everything I want to do. My expectations will NOT be met, yet I need to not allow that to negatively impact my family time. I will achieve this by letting go of expectations.

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