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Let Life Love You Back

"I have found that when you love life, life will love you back." Rubenstein


My husband had to travel for work for three days. He suggested I invite my son and his girlfriend to stay with me while he was gone, so I wouldn't spend three days alone. I assured him I would be fine. I wasn't fine, though. The first day he left I had a horrible pain day. I didn't put on my big girl pants and have a good attitude either - I pouted my way through the day feeling sorry for myself. The next day the kids offered to come over so I accepted. I needed some help in the happiness department. Having the kids' positive energy in the house was wonderful. I felt a change in my energy as well. I felt happier, more positive.


We went to see the movie Shazam at a theater with those great reclining seats, we had some good food, and we stopped at Target and I got a cool new electric toothbrush. They hung out and spent the night. Life was loving me back. Sometimes we all need a resiliency jump-start. Friends and family can be great for that! If you want to love life and have life love you back, use all the tools in the tool box. Sometimes that means asking for help, and that's o.k.

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