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Positive Future Expectation

Today was a day for pain en masse at my house. I was having a pain flair that was kicking me in the pants. I wanted to scream from the rooftops "this hurts so bad!!" I was looking forward to some company and ready to unload my terrible day when my husband walked in with a terrible scowl. "Tough day, Dear?" His answer, "The worst." Before I could find out why, my son walked in looking like he had been dragged in by the dogs. He was sick with a cold, so he flopped on the couch in pain. It was a house of pain. It felt like the house wanted to scream out, not just me.


At times like these the only thing left to do is breathe and have a positive expectation for the future. There were many good times in this house; there was happiness en masse! There was good in the past and there will be good again. I've lived in this house for 27 years, and if asked, I would say it is a home filled with love and laughter, happiness and hope. Yet homes, like people, suffer times of pain.


Sometimes the best response to difficult times is just to wait it out and know the happiness will come again.

Boys' First Day of School, One of Many Happy Days

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