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Resilience Available to Everyone

"Your destiny is in your hands. Creating the life you want is only, and always, up to you." Darren Johnson


I had the most wonderful Mother's Day! I woke up to a beautiful card and note that my husband left me, then my younger son who lives in Washington D.C. texted me his love. Lastly, my older son and his girlfriend came over for a Mother's Day brunch on our deck, followed by a day working in the yard and the garden. Even Arthas the cat was able to come out and enjoy the day. Although I wasn't physically able to do that much of the labor, I was able to enjoy being outside for part of the time. Spending time outdoors is available to almost everyone, even if gardening might not be.


Like the outdoors, resilience is available to everyone. Resilience can be learned and developed by anyone. Life throws many stresses at you, both large and small. Resilience can offer you a variety of coping strategies. Resilience can help you both minimize negative emotions and maximize positive emotions. This can result in less stress, pain and more happiness.

Cat in a Box - Arthas the Indoor Cat Enjoying Gardening with the Family

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