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Savor The Day

There is a dash that runs past me and then all of my electronics are on the floor. Yes, friends, that means my grandkitty, Arthas, is visiting. He sometimes runs from one end of the house to the other, and once in awhile that means I need to watch out for my electronics, my food, and me if Zorro is on his tail. Yesterday, while I was holding the door open for Zorro, a streak ran past me. It was Arthas, running right out the door. He's not allowed outside, so I ran after him in my stocking feet The ground is still wet and muddy, I'm in stocking feet, dodging dog poop left from the long winter that was under the just-melted snow. Luckily, Zorro cut him off at the pass, just in time for me to grab him right before he went over the neighbor's fence. Even though he brings some chaos, I love having Arthas visit. He is full of fun and adventure. He always makes me smile with his crazy stunts.


While I was enjoying my time with Arthas, I realized I was savoring the day.

I was stopping to enjoy this moment of my life. I was even savoring the moments that might seem frustrating. I wasn't ruminating on worries or focused on anxieties of what might have happened. You don't have to have a cat to savor the day. Anyone can live in the moment. All you have to do is notice and enjoy what is around you moment by moment. Take a snapshot in your mind of something happening in your day. In fact, take a real snap of something happening in your day, regularly, to live in the moment. The important thing is to stop and notice.

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