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Spring In Minnesota

Spring has finally come to Minnesota! It is 49 degrees, sunny and all the snow is melting. There is a duck family living across the street from my house. No, I don't live across the street from a lake. I live across the street from a park that is turned into an ice rink in the winter. This is a common phenomenon in Minnesota winter - flat areas become ice rinks as they are sprayed with water. That ice rink has now melted into a pond for my duck friends. Spring in Minnesota brings strange sightings like ducks in a giant puddle and people wearing shorts as they walk next to snow piles.

The transition from harsh winter to spring brings tremendous joy. There is so much to savor when you've been trapped in the house by a wall of snow for months. Neighbors come outside and re-connect. Everyone is in a good mood with a friendly word to say. Today I walked along the Mississippi River and there was waterfall, cascading down the cliffs. The sound was so soothing. I savored several moments so I could remember it for later. On the return walk home I passed a a dog to pet.

Spring in Minnesota is a great time to be mindful.

As I walked I was mindful of the sun on my face, the birds chirping and the people laughing. Being mindful can help you savor the moment, it can prevent you ruminating on the negative. Apparently studies have shown it can actually rewire the brain to make you feel better when you are not being mindful.

Mindfulness during both good and bad times is a great way to promote resilience.

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