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Wanting Things To Be Different Leads To Suffering

It's Saturday and my husband has been out of town working for part of the week. I was really looking forward to spending some quality time with him today. Yet, here I lay by the fireplace, using mindfulness to calm a pain flare. Did I mention I have a wet Labradoodle on my feet? It's our first rain of the spring. I'm from Minnesota, and we are walled in by snow. Thinking more about what I was missing was only increasing my suffering. Yes, I had to have pain but I could change the amount of suffering. After all I am laying by a cozy fireplace with my dog reading, that is pretty darn good. When I'm suffering, I survive better by focusing on the good things I have, rather than focusing on what I'm missing.

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1 Comment

Mar 11, 2019

Love the last two sentences in that post Deborah.

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