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What Are Your Core Values?

“Your core values are your deeply held beliefs that authentically describe your soul.” John C. Maxwell

We all know that our path through life will be filled with adversity, that we will get knocked down. How do we get back up? Our ability to get back up and thrive depends a lot on our resilience. How we improve our brain’s neuroplasticity - our ability to rewire - when presented new information.

One of the ways we can grow our resilience is to realize what our core values are and to live by them. My sons have always been interested in the armed forces and intelligence agencies. My oldest son has recently become interested in the FBI. The FBI has the motto fidelity, bravery and integrity; the marine corps the motto “Semper Fidelis”, always faithful, always forward. For the Seals the core value is, honor, courage and commitment. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we had our own core value or motto that we stuck with through thick and thin?

Core values can give you courage, they can become who you are. When put to the test it is the core values that can give us strength. What are your core values? How are they brought to life through your actions? Core values can work as a boat, able to carry you through rough waters. My own core values: I’m faithful, loving, brave, compassionate.

Our core values can help us create the most good in the world and help us to be the most powerful in responding to adversity.

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