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What You Focus On Becomes Your World

"Staying positive does not mean that things will turn out okay. Rather it is knowing that you will be okay no matter how things turn out."

One of my positives is my new puppy, Frankie, who brings me joy every day.

I’ve had a difficult couple of months, to put it mildly. I lost Shiloh, our beloved family dog of 14 years, I lost my mom, and a dear friend who was like family to me moved away, and now feels lost to me. In addition, I broke my ankle. All this happened during one of the dreariest, darkest winters we have had in years. The pain, both physical and emotional, was terrible. My inability to think was overwhelming. I searched for my resilience but it seemed lost in a black hole, a region of spacetime exhibiting gravitational acceleration so strong that nothing can escape from it. All seemed lost.

I needed other people in my life to remind me I am strong. They reminded me I can do hard things. They reminded me I can get through difficult times.

I don’t believe you can just look at things positively and change your life but I do believe you can look for the positive. You can try to find something positive to focus on. I spent months stuck wallowing in the negative when there were many positive wonderful things I could have seen. I have much to be grateful for. The gratitude I felt enabled me to see past the black hole, it enabled me to see my lost resiliency skills. It helped me move forward to healing.

Sometimes we get stuck. It may take weeks, or months to be able to be grateful once again and to focus on the positive. The important thing is that we never stop trying.

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