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You Are As Happy As You Want To Be

"Most folks are as happy as they make up there minds to be." Abraham Lincoln


I wake up every morning in incredible pain. Everyday, every morning. I have to start the day by making a choice. How do I want to see this day? I emerge from my bedroom and I'm swarmed by dogs waiting impatiently for attention and breakfast. I can view this as a nuisance or a joy. I do much better when I see past my pain and see the joy, when I look out the window and see the beautiful day, when I remind myself this day will not be filled entirely with pain, just moments of it.


The idea of finding moments of happiness and joy is not choosing to be positive. Rather, it is choosing to focus on that which will make our life what it ultimately is. Every little time I decide to focus on despair it makes the pain stronger, it gives it more power. Every time I focus on joy it makes it stronger, granting it more power. If I want a life of happiness, I choose to focus on things in my life that will yield happiness, even if they are small. Everything can add up to great happiness and joy!

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