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You Can Be Brave!

“Nothing’s gonna hurt you the way that words do when they settle in your skin. Sometimes a shadow wins. I wonder what would happen if you say what you want to say and let the words fall out. I want to see you be brave.” Sara Bareillis

We’ve all been there. We’ve all lived in the shadows, wanting to say what needed to be said, wishing we could live in the sun. We’ve all held our tongues not saying the truth, but it often does us no good. I WANT TO SEE YOU BE BRAVE. Say what you want to say, walk into the light.

Sometimes resiliency takes bravery in the form of speaking and living our truth. When we live our truth, there is a freedom that builds our resiliency. I’ve had times in my life when I tried to be a person someone else wanted me to be. During those times I was never happy. My soul was never able to soar. If we want to soar, to glide like an eagle, we must be ourselves - and sometimes say difficult things, even when it means facing people who will disagree with us. It takes true bravery.

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