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“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and to give your whole heart and soul to it.” Buddha

My youngest son is home visiting from medical school. He’s shared many interesting stories from his classes and tales about trying to learn remotely. It sounds like there are ups and downs and a lot of stress, which I know is to be expected. His ability to handle all the challenges that lay ahead seems doable to him because he knows this would help him achieve the purpose for his life. His entire life he has wanted to help the human race. He hopes to do this through medicine. His purpose is what drives him forward. Everyone needs a purpose in life.

Having a fulfilling purpose is a fundamental element of a fulfilling life. When we don’t have a sense of purpose, it leaves us open to boredom, anxiety, and depression. Viktor Frank, in his book “Mans Search for Meaning” about the holocaust, describes this. People in the concentration camps that were not able to find a purpose suffered from more depression, anxiety, and despair, whereas those that maintained their sense of purpose fared much better.

Everyone’s purpose is personal. Your purpose may be as simple as spreading kindness by smiling at everyone.

No matter what your circumstances in life, remember that your story is important. Your dreams count. Your voice matters. If you discover your purpose it will make an impact and that will have an impact on you!

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